Bus in crash not licensed to operate


Law enforcement is on alert, looking for other buses operated by the company involved in the crash. According to the government, the company's record in not a good one. We found numerous violations listed under a previous company. We've also learned the new company should not have been on the road.

As investigators continue to probe for the cause of Friday morning's accident, questions about the owners track record with the government has left a lot to be said. According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Iguala BusMex was not supposed to be on the road. Records show the owner, Angel de la Torre, submitted documents to start the business in June, but had not yet been approved.

His name and address also shows up under Angel Tours, which was put out of service in June. That company had numerous factors rated unsatisfactory. Those include qualifications of drivers, drug and alcohol program, and inspection, both repair and maintenance. In all, there was a total of 82 violations.

Violations for drivers include speeding, seat belts, general log violations, false log book violations, medical certificate, hours of service and all other driving violations.

Violations for the vehicles themselves include lights, suspension, tires, emergency equipment, wheels, Windshield, exhaust and 'other.'

The government is asking law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for buses operating under the names Angel Tours or Iguala Busmex. They say neither is authorized to operate legally.

If you need to get information on passengers on the bus, call 1-866-GET INFO

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