Back to school shopping tricks

HOUSTON That's because there are some great deals going on right now for school uniforms.

Traditionally we think of heading to the mall or the department store for back to school shopping, but we found the best prices at places you may not have considered.

Carl Grey isn't going to wait for the tax free weekend. With prices this low, he doesn't want to run the risk of missing out.

"You have to get in here early so the selection will still be great," he said.

But just how good are the deals right now? We set out to price compare. Our first stop Academy Sports and Outdoors.

Here red, white or navy blue polo shirts for boys and girls size four to 20 are $5.99. Khaki shorts will run you $7.99 and pants are about $10.

To be sure we also checked out Sym's in Stafford. It's an off-price store that advertises name brands for less. The store has grouped together a school uniform section so it's easy to find what you need.

The prices here were similar to Academy. It's $5.99 for boys and girls polo style shirts. Khaki pants run you $9.99 and girls jumpers $12.99.

Ella Howard is calculating her back to school spending.

At Target she felt like she got the best deal on her daughter's school uniform, but we found some of the Target prices to be a little higher. Girls and boys polos were two bucks more priced at $7.99. Khaki shorts were $9.99. That's also $2 more than Academy.

Slacks and skirts at Target were $12.99 which is also a little higher than some of their competitors.

Our final stop was Sam's Club where we found named-brand uniform-styles like Liz Clairborne. These polos, for boys and girls, were $7.64. Shorts were $8.72 and the pants about $10.

Bottom line Academy and Sym's were the cheapest. But keep in mind sales and prices are changing everyday so it might pay you to do some price-comparing of your own!

It seems while the styles on the school uniforms are the same. The prices definitely are not.

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