Viewer reports on Edouard

HOUSTON From Robert M. at around 8:50 AM: "Hello, I'm from La Porte, and its coming down hard here by Sylvan Beach."

From Erin at 9:02 AM: "Hi, its 8:53 AM, and I live in Pasadena. It is really raining hard here and you can hardly see at all. You can feel the wind shaking the building. The wind is going in more than one direction. Very windy! Just thought I would let y'all know. My parking lot is already flooded."

From Dee Ann H. at 9:12 AM in Texas City: "2.12 inches of rain so far. Barometric pressure is 29.77 and falling."

From Chris P. at 9:28 AM: "Current update for Cypress, TX - Louetta and Grant crossroads -- Calm wind, slight drizzle - no problems as of yet!"

From Sandi M. at 10:02 AM in Huffman: "Heavy rain and gusty winds. My rain gauge shows 2 inches since 5:30 am. While watching the coverage I noticed that the hummingbirds were still eating! At one point a hummingbird was moving towards the feeder and the wind was literally keeping him back away from it!"

From Betty K. at 10:54 AM: "It is currently 10:48 AM at my home in far NW Houston and it is now only sprinkling rain. It was raining very hard just moments ago, but we need the rain for my lawn."

From Luis G. at 11:17 AM: "Wanted to let you guys know that I work at Lyondell in Channelview and we have been getting a lot of rain here for the past 2 hours, maybe even longer. High winds as well."

From Jackie at 11:17 AM in the La Porte/Baytown area: "We have had constant wind and rain for hours now with 4 inches or more of rain in the past few hours, and it doesn't look like it is going to let up anytime soon."

From Taylor N. at 11:37 AM: "Tropical storm Edouard has already dumped more than six inches here in Baytown."

From Josh at 11:51 AM in Huffman: "15-20 mph sustained wind, gusting to 35+ mph, about 2-4 estimated inches so far."

From Jennifer L. at 12:06 PM in Downtown Houston: "Consistent rain and wind."

From Jim R. at 12:25 PM in Central Galveston: "Rain gauge showing 2.16 inches to this hour."

From Mary at 12:46 PM: "According to my rain gauge there has been over 5 inches of rain in the Fairmont West area in LaPorte, Texas."

From Charlene A. at 12:48 PM: "We live in the Lomax area on H Street. We have received over 6 inches of rain as of noon today. Still experiencing high winds and rainfall."

From Kerry P. at 1:03 PM from Oak Forest in Houston: "Rainy. Some wind."

From Martha M. at 1:04 PM in La Porte: "Rain finally stopped just after noon. We first noticed rain about 5 AM, then strong winds with rain starting about 7 AM when newly installed fiberglass panels were rolled back from our deck cover. The panels kept rolling back as wind gusts blew. Rain was constant and sporadically heavy, leaving several inches standing in the backyard at noon."

From Toby B. at 1:11 PM in Crosby: "Rain has stopped. Waiting on second band."

From Lynn H. at 2:34 PM: "It has been raining here were I live in Spring since 8 o'clock this morning. It's just now slowing down, but from the looks of it, the radar shows a lot more rain moving in...Some of my yard is already flooding..."

From Betty M. at 3:29 PM: "We are in the southwest corner of Washington County just at the border of Fayette and Austin Counties, five miles east of Round Top. No rain at all yet. Breeze just picked up, but it has been totally still all day until right now. Sun peeks through at times."

From Emily G. at 3:39 PM in Highlands, TX: "Stopped raining, but we still have a nice little breeze."

From Lee S. at 5:14 PM: "Well, nobody killed or injured is a good thing, but I've had more excitement at funerals than this storm. Rainfall total as of 5 PM is one inch as measured at the Rosehill Fire Station. Highest wind gust 22 mph @ 3:30 PM."

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