Chemical spill at plant injures several drivers

LA PORTE, TX Around 9:45pm, two reactor units exploded and a pipe burst, spraying a chemical into the air. The chemical sprayed onto Bay Area Boulevard and landed on some cars. Some people stopped to check it out and actually put their hands on the stuff.

One female was taken to the hospital with respiratory problems. At least 7 to 10 others went to hospitals to make sure they were OK.

The situation shut down Bay Area Boulevard in both directions from Fairmont Parkway to Choat Road. Multiple departments responded to the scene.

The Goodyear Plant lost power around midnight after some of the chemical on the street ignited, creating a large fire.

Emergency officials are looking for other drivers that may have come in contact with the chemical para-benzene. Those people need to call the City of La Porte Office of Emergency Management at 281-470-0010.

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