One dead, 3 injured in daytime shooting

HOUSTON The gunfire erupted just off South Post Oak, with one victim found dead at West Orem shortly after 11am.

The deceased was a man, whose body was found besides a dry, dusty road. Three others were also shot, but they fled.

"We had multiple casings on the ground, indicating more than one weapon was involved," said Sgt. C.E. Elliot with the Houston Police Department. "It initially appears to be a shootout between two parties at least, or multiple parties, and that's all we know at this point."

Police say the three people who were wounded were later found at the hospital.

Friends and family of the man who was killed heard of the shooting and came to the crime scene. His identification hasn't officially been released, but family members who came to the scene believe the victim is one of their own -- a young father who installed designer car rims as a living.

He loved cars, his family says, and that worried his uncle.

"When I saw the car he was having fixed and the car he was riding in, I passed on to him to get rid of those cars because people are out to get those cars, whatever measures it takes," said that uncle.

Police say a truck belonging to one of the people wounded in this gun battle was found at a veterinary clinic on south Post Oak. As far as witnesses, there was an employee of the veterinary clinic, who did not want to appear on camera. He says he was bicycling to work and saw two men with guns, making him peddle all the faster.

Police are now talking to the three people who are now in the hospital.

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