Stevens pleads not guilty in corruption case

WASHINGTON In the midst of his re-election bid, lawyers for the Senate's longest-serving Republican maintained Stevens' innocence at his afternoon arraignment in federal court in Washington.

Stevens, wearing a cream colored suit, did not speak when U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan asked for his plea. Stevens' attorney, Brendan Sullivan, answered for him.

Prosecutors say the Alaska Republican accepted more than $250,000 in house renovations and gifts from contractors but didn't disclose them on Senate financial records.

Stevens' legal team asked the judge to move the trial to Alaska, where the senator has been a political patron since before statehood. Attorney Sullivan also asked that the trial date be speeded up to give Stevens his day in court before the Nov. 4 election.

"He'd like to clear his name before the election," Sullivan told the judge. He added: "This is not a complex case. It should be one that moves quickly."

Stevens sat impassively at a witness table in the courtroom and whispered with his attorneys.

Prosecutors said they did not object to a trial date in late September.

"That is absolutely fine," said prosecutor Brenda K. Morris.

Judge Sullivan said he would consider the unusually fast trial schedule. He was meeting with his law clerks Thursday afternoon and was scheduled to reconvene court later.

Stevens will be released on bail. He'll be free to travel inside the country but will have to surrender his passport.

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