City of Houston shuts down apt. complex

HOUSTON The city says because the 30-year-old complex on Holly View near Antoine had so many code violations they were forced to shut it down.

A couple of residents walked Eyewitness News through their apartments.

"You see the trees not trimmed and the patio area is all broke down -- it's not painted," said resident Monica Smith.

Lakeitha Smith gave a brief tour of her apartment where her kids slept and where they ate.

"Would they like to eat in stuff like this? That is nasty. Mold and mildew everywhere -- that's nasty. That is unsanitized," said Lakeitha Smith.

As bad as her situation is -- it just got worse. Lakeitha and other residents have to move out by midday on Monday.

"I don't think that is right. I think they should have at least given us two weeks to move," said Lakeitha. "People have jobs. People have little kids -- you can't just put out people out like that."

"We will be providing some moving assistance that you can actually get your things moved into the other locations," said Patrick Trahan with the City of Houston. "In some certain situations, there may be a need to pro-rate rent."

The one thing the city can't allow is to allow residents to stay in the apartment complex. It's was deemed too dangerous.

"I was going to move but it takes time to move and money to move," said Monica.

Twenty-eight of the condemned units are being occupied. There are 165 units at this complex all together.

The owner of the complex has reportedly refused to respond to hundreds of criminal citations issued for the complex's deplorable conditions.

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