Popular DJ passes away suddenly

HOUSTON Daniel Segura, known as 'Dan the Man' to listeners, suffered a massive heart attack and died Monday night. Segura worked at Radio Tejano KRTX 980AM in Houston.

Segura worked in the music business for over 40 years, as a musician and a radio personality. His radio career started when a weekend DJ didn't show up for his shift at a Freeport radio station, so the station asked Segura to step in.

The singer for Houston's Grammy-winning Tejano group La Mafia says Segura was the first DJ to ever play the group's music on the radio.

"You're a new artist getting started and for someone to give you that support it makes you feel good," said La Mafia's Oscar DeLaRosa. "He was a great guy."

"Everybody that talks so well about him, that was why -- it's because he made everybody feel like they were the most important person in any particular conversation," said Daniel's brother Gary Segura.

Segura turned 58 just last week. Funeral services are set for Saturday in Rosenberg.

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