Local doctor's charity helps South Africa

But even that would be an improvement for a lot of places in South Africa where poverty is rampant and families face a bleak future. Despite that grim picture, a Houston doctor is working to change that.

Children a half a world away are wrapped in blankets or in new school uniforms, something that may be taken for granted in the United States. But, in South Africa, it's a difference between warmth and cold, of going to school and not getting an education. For a year now, a Houston doctor now has been working to create those changes for the better.

"I started off with an idea, had really no idea where I'd be going, and since that time I think it's developed into a reasonable charity," Dr. Cyril Wolf said.

It was an Oprah Winfrey school for girls in South Africa that inspired Wolf. His idea: asking people to donate $10 per month for children in impoverished South African townships. South Africa is his native land, and the charity is his way of giving back. So far, "Hope in South Africa," as the foundation is called, has paid for 1,000 blankets, lanterns for families without electricity, school uniforms, and now the biggest project, a library that would serve six villages, the first ever in the area.

"Check out a book, take it home, and the important thing is they will have access to a learning facility they otherwise would not have had," Wolf said.

The cost to build it: $30,000, which the charity has on hand. Modest by American standards, but it's another step in Wolf's goal of overcoming poverty through education in South Africa.

If you're interested in finding out more about Wolf's charity, just click here.

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