Deputy fatally shoots suspect

HOUSTON That man was later shot and killed by deputies. It happened inside a mobile home on Aldine Mail Road just after 5pm Wednesday.

Deputies say a man called 911 claiming another man armed with two handguns had barged into his trailer home and threatened his life.

"He accused him of stealing or something like that," said an eyewitness.

That eyewitness says he watched then as deputies arrived and entered the trailer.

"All I heard was three or four shots, and it was all over," he said.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says upon entering, deputies announced who they were and that they found the suspect holding a woman at gunpoint.

"She was yelling that he was holding her against her will, he was holding her hostage," said Lt. John Legg of the Harris Co. Sheriff's Office.

Deputies tell investigators the suspect made a threatening move toward them.

"Almost simultaneously the suspect turned with the weapon in hand towards the deputies, point in their direction [then] they opened fire," said Lt. Legg.

Deputies fired several rounds. It's unclear how many times the suspect was actually hit. He died inside the trailer.

The woman who the suspect was holding hostage was not hurt. We do not yet known the identity of the man killed.

Investigators with the sheriff's Internal Affairs Division and the DA's office are now reviewing this shooting to see if it was a justified use of deadly force.

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