Children witness violent stabbing attack

HOUSTON He and a friend were rushing to help a neighbor during a violent home invasion.

Drops of blood still stain the threshold of a southeast Houston apartment on Sloan near Broad where three men came to settle a score with violence.

"As far as I know, it was a butcher knife," said eyewitness Jason Bridges. "Pulled it out of his pants, that's all I know."

Police say three suspects barged into the apartment containing several women and nearly a dozen children. Among them were Bridges' two kids who were there for a sleep over.

He ran to get the kids away from danger and asked two neighbors for help.

Police say during the scuffle, suspects stabbed both would be hero.

Paramedics rushed one of them to the hospital, the other died in the apartment complex parking lot.

Neighbors identify him as William Douglas, a man they say was always willing to help.

"It's really hard for me, I feel responsible," Bridges said.

A witnesses says the whole thing stemmed from an argument a woman had with her boyfriend over the phone.

Shortly after the stabbings police arrested one suspect near the city of South Houston, a second man is also in custody.

Meanwhile residents who know Douglas are trying to understand how his heroic actions ended in death.

"It's not surprising that he would try to help someone," resident George Hill said. "The outcome is surprising."

Police are still investigating and have released few details. They say they have two people in custody and the second person who was stabbed is in critical condition.

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