Dead man found in home for sale

WILLIS, TX Neighbors and investigators want to know what happened. Sheriff's deputies are piecing together the victim's final moments. They say the body was badly decomposed, and left inside a house in Willis in Montgomery County.

Based on the condition of the body, the victim was likely dead for several days. Montgomery County investigators revealed how he died -- what we don't know is why.

If there was any question something sinister happened inside the Montgomery County home, the yellow crime scene tape says it all as neighbors struggle not knowing exactly what did happen.

"We should know these things," said neighbor Rachel Paslay. "Should we be careful? I mean should we be cautious about something?"

It was approximately 1pm Saturday when detectives say a local realtor stumbled onto the body. The home had recently been sold and the realtor tells us he went to check on the owner.

Detectives determined the victim, an adult male, had been shot in the head, but because of decomposition a positive identification could not be made. What makes the case even more suspicious is that a brown Chevy pickup usually at the house was now missing.

Paslay said, "It's like, "OK, his truck's not there, and it's always there.'"

Neighbors say aside from some late night parties, few knew much about the man who lived in the house. Another neighbor says he saw the man just four days ago.

"He was just in the front yard, looked like he was clean shaven, hair was slicked back like he was going to go somewhere," recalled neighbor Ray Lawson.

As investigators hope to piece together what happened, Rachel Paslay thinks about her future in the neighborhood.

She said, "If it was a homicide, whatever, and if it was, I don't know if I want to live here anymore. That's kind of scary."

Detectives need your help finding that missing vehicle. It's described as a brown, 1992 Chevy pickup truck, with Texas license plate number 93B ZX4.

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