Car vandals strike in League City

LEAGUE CITY, TX When residents walked out of their homes Sunday morning, what they saw sent them knocking on doors.

"My neighbor came and woke me up and said, 'I got some bad news. Josh's truck has been spray painted on'," said resident Josh Willhoite. "So I walked outside and saw the racial marks they wrote on my truck."

His 2005 Dodge Ram was tagged with silver paint and rude words. But Josh wasn't the only one. A digital camera captured the criminal mischief.

One Ford truck's windows were hit with swastikas. And black spray paint was used to tag one on a Tahoe.

"It was just on this part right here, the square part," said Stacy Sackett, showing us where her car had been hit.

But her husband's Avalanche was hit from bumper to bumper. 'Love ya,' they wrote, followed by a racial slur.

"First I was surprised," said Sackett. "Then I was mad and then the more I looked at the cars and saw what was on there, it upset me."

Neighbors say at least ten cars were hit on Carefree Lane, like the vandals just walked down the street. Neighbors say it's probably just misguided youths who vandalized all the vehicles, using all sorts of messages.

"I think they should go to jail and have to pay all the damages to the cars," said victim Kimberly Lewis.

For the most part, with some tar remover and elbow grease, most everybody was able to restore their vehicles. We spoke with the League City police department, who tell us they have no suspects.

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