Boy hurt after getting caught in crossfire

HOUSTON It happened around 9:30pm at the Emerald Bay Apartments on Bennington Road near Homestead. Police say the bullet came from the gun of one of two men arguing just feet away.

According to eyewitnesses, the two men got into some sort of altercation in the parking lot of the apartment complex. Both of them allegedly pulled out guns and started shooting at each other. That's when the boy who was walking around the complex was caught in the middle of the gunfight. He was hit in the leg by one of the bullets.

"At this time we are still investigating. We are not sure what caused them to exchange gunfire," said Ora Chandler with the Houston Police Department. "It appears that they probably knew each other but that has not been verified."

The boy is listed as stable and is expected to make a full recovery. One of the suspects was hospitalized after being struck by one of the bullets.

Officers are still trying to track down the second suspect involved. Authorities believe he also lives in the same complex where the incident happened.

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