Odor leads to discovery of meth lab

HOUSTON Investigators found the lab off Falling Creek near FM 1960. Those who live there say a meth lab is one of the last things they'd expect to find on their street.

Authorities discovered the clandestine operation at about 7pm. A neighbor had called the gas company after smelling a strong odor, which he thought might be gas. The gas company arrived and located fumes of another sort coming from the detached garage of this home. That's when they called the Klein Fire Department.

They found what they call a meth lab in the garage. The first firefighter who went inside had to be carried out by two others because he was overcome by the fumes.

Investigators say something was so strong that it killed trees and grass adjacent to the garage. They also tell us the chemicals posed a potential explosive risk.

Those who live nearby say they had no idea this was going on in the middle of their neighborhood.

"I drive up and down this street every day, so I would just as soon not have that problem around here," said neighbor Don Heden.

"Definitely concerned about it. I don't even know where they're at," said neighbor Paul Nicholson.

That firefighter who was overcome by the fumes was taken to the hospital and treated. He should be OK. Harris County HazMat crews responded and cleaned up the chemicals at the home.

But the folks who live at the house were not home. Authorities are now looking for them.

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