Teen girl gave birth, body still missing

GALENA PARK, TX "It's been 30 days since the girl claims her mother buried the fetus so I believe it could have decomposed quite quickly in this heat," said Chief Robert Pruett of the Galena Park Police Department.

Investigators are testing dirt taken from a hole to determine if it holds evidence of a decomposed human fetus. This is physical evidence that will be a critical part of the state's case.

"No fetus, no charges," said KTRK Legal Analyst Joel Androphy.

Our legal expert says even if a fetus or remains of a fetus are found, there's another important aspect to be determined.

"Once they find it, then they have to do an autopsy to see why the fetus died," he said. "What drugs were in the fetus."

Leticia Zamora did not answer the door to her Galena Park home Friday.

She is the woman who Thursday showed police where she allegedly buried the five month old fetus of her 16 year old daughter. Authorities say Zamora's daughter told police Zamora forced her to take pills to induce an abortion. Authorities say they've been working ever since with the DA's office to file charges against Zamora.

"I would think they would lean towards child endangerment charges at this point in the case," said Chief Pruett.

"This is not a capitol murder case, obviously it's a criminal offense," Androphy said. "No one has the right to basically cause the death of another individual whether that individual is born or unborn."

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