Summer league proving ground for rookies

HOUSTON After Thursday's workout, Rockets draft pick Joey Dorsey has already improved his game.

Layups are about all anyone expects from Joey Dorsey on the offensive end of the floor. At Memphis dorsey built a reputation as a rebounder and shot-blocker and a terrible reputation as a free-throw shooter.

"At Memphis, I shot 34 (percent)," Dorsey said.

But watching him shoot free throws at Thursday's workout, you saw the makings of a solid foul shooter.

"When you look at him, the fundamental form is there. Everything is there to turn him into a much better foul shooter," said Rockets summer head coach Elston Turner.

And the coaches spotted something in Dorsey's shot they could change.

What did they change?

"Me? I was holding the ball so far down like this, that there was too much motion in it, basically. Too much motion in the shot," Dorsey said. Then, positioning his hands in a jumpshot motion, he said, "They got me stopping it high, just right into it."

And watching him shoot Thursday gave everyone hope he can instantly improve on that 34 percent shooting.

"Try and get at 65 (percent). They think that's too much right now," Dorsey said.

For reference, Tracy McGrady shot just 68 percent from the line last season. A couple of names and faces familiar to local fans are in the summer league team. Point guard Lanny Smith played at Hightower and UH.

"I have to show 'em that I can run the team, and be a point guard that can penetrate get in the lane and knock down the open shot" he said.

And from Normangy, Texas, and Texas A&M, 6-9 Joseph Jones will be trying to show he hold his own with Dorsey.

"He knows it's a battle every time we play," Jones said. "He's strong."

"I'm way stronger than him," Dorsey said playfully.

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