Using your closet to make money

HOUSTON High gas prices have you tightening your budget this summer? You may be looking for ways to make some quick cash. Well, look no further than your closet.

I know that cleaning the closets sounds like a real chore, but did you know your unwanted stuff could bring you instant cash? The key is to know exactly what the resale stores are looking for. Plato's Closet is a resale store in Sugar Land. It's popular among trendy teens. We took a bundle of old t-shirts and jeans.

"I'm gonna go through your clothing," Ann Whiton who works at the store told us. "I'm looking for things that are a current teen style, with very little wear or tear."

Whiton says she will pay cash for clothing that's generally been in the mall within the last year.

Many of my t-shirts don't make the cut. That's because they're too short and not in style anymore. A couple of my shirts also have stains. Most of the jeans also get rejected. Ann doesn't want to buy the ones with frayed edges or have been hemmed.

She made me an offer on the longer t-shirts and darker-washed jeans. I walked away with $46.75 for 14 t-shirts and two pairs of jeans.

Across town in northwest Houston, our next stop is Once Upon a Child. This store specializes in children's clothes from infant to size 18.

Kimberly Hellums says when it comes to baby clothes they are looking for outfits only. Don't bother bringing in onesises or sleepers. We also bring in several pairs of kids jeans, something we thought would easily sell, but they had too many tears in them.

All we're able to sell is two baby outfits and three pairs of boy's pants totaling $12.25. Not a whole lot.

So how can I make more money the next time I come in?

"Always check the clothes that you bring in and make sure they are free of staining and wearing, in a great condition," Hellums said.

Our final stop is Buffalo Exchange's new store in The Heights. They're looking for a more wide range of clothes from the vintage, designer, trendy and even the odd and ugly. The catch is it must be in good condition.

"Right now we are looking for current styles, which you would see in the mall or magazines and fun summer clothes," said Jessica Blagman who works at the store.

At Buffalo Exchange you will get 35% in cash of what the store prices it for. For example, they price one top at $18. They'll pay us $6.30.

So what was our total for the day? After hitting three stores, we made a $130.22. We learned it's best to visit the store first before you bring in your stuff, so you'll get a better idea of what they sell. Also bring in bulk! Keep in mind at least half of your stuff will probably get rejected.

We did some more work for you and found other Houston area stores that take cash on the spot for your clothes. Click here for the complete list.

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