Evidence of fetus found

GALENA PARK, TX Officers say yesterday they got a call from a 16-year-old girl and her aunt, Alma Perez. The teen told them she had been pregnant, but kept it a secret from her mom for five months. The teen told police that when she told her mom, Leticia Zamora, about her pregnancy, she forced her to take some pills to induce an abortion.

"(My mom) gave me some pills and I had the baby' and I said, 'What do you mean you had the baby?'" said Perez of her conversation with the teen. "And she goes, 'Yeah, I had the baby and my mom took it away from me and buried it'."

Police say cadaver dogs made a positive hit on dirt in the backyard. The medical examiner's office took that dirt from the scene. It will be analyzed for DNA. No word on how long that will take.

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