Local women's football team eyes title

HOUSTON While typical expansion teams tend to waver somewhere between futility and embarrassment, one right here in our own back yard will be taking another giant step towards a championship this weekend. And you may not have even heard of them.

The Cyclones are the Bayou City's representatives in the National Women's Football Association, a league with 35 current teams and seven more teams joining the ranks next season. The local women posted a 9-1 record this season, and put a hurt on the St. Louis Slam last Saturday to advance to the Southern Conference championship game this weekend, where they'll line up against the LA Amazon.

With a win Saturday, the Cyclones would face the winner of the Western Michigan/Philly matchup in the championship game on July 26 in Tennessee.

"We started from nothing and look where we are now, on our way to being Houston's first year women's football team holding a national championship in our inaugural season," says #82 and team owner Roxy Griffin.

Griffin, who holds a masters degree in computer science and information technology, isn't new to women's professional football. She spent two years with the Houston Energy and played another year of semi-pro ball.

She told us through email that Saturday's playoff game is being dedicated to starting offensive guard, Ethel Brett, who's battling cancer.

To learn more about the team and to help them with their travels, visit the Cyclones' web site.

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