Man rescued after getting lost in woods

HOUSTON Deputies say Willy West crashed his Jeep and then walked for miles for help with an injured leg.

It all happened around 11pm when three fire departments received calls about a man lost in the woods somewhere near the creek. Authorities say the man ended up getting stuck in a huge hole. He tried to pull out the Jeep but ended up injuring his leg.

West called his wife several times and tried to figure out how to get out of the woods, but was very disoriented. His wife then called the sheriff's department and they were able to track him down by using the GPS system in his cell phone. Once they got within a 100 feet of the man, they started calling out his name.

"We had approximately 12 firefighters spread out, calling for the victim. We were told his name through a sheriff's department and he was actually hollering back and that is how they tracked him down," said District Chief D. Guedry with the Spring Volunteer Fire Department.

West walked about 10 miles before he was located by rescue crews. It was pretty warm during the search and at least one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion.

Right now, the location of the Jeep is a mystery since the man doesn't remember where he left it. Authorities may search later to see if they can locate the vehicle.

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