Mother who taped sex offer sues

HOUSTON The mother who taped the principal of a local Christian school soliciting sex in exchange for waiving enrollment fees for her daughter is filing suit.

13 Undercover first aired the tape of the exchange between the mother and the founder of the /*Parkway Christian School*/. In the lawsuit the mother is asking for monetary damages claiming negligence and deceptive trade practices.

The story began with a mother trying to enroll her 18-year-old daughter at Parkway Christian School.

"She hasn't passed the TAKS test and doesn't have credits that why we was going to that school," the mother said on tape.

That mother, Tamiku Robertson, claims she went to school founder /*Lavern Jordan*/ and never expected what happened next. She says Jordan offered to waive his school's enrollment fee in exchange for sex in a graphic conversation recorded for us to hear.

Jordan: "Excuse me and I don't mean to be so blunt but I am talking about f------ you, Tamiku."
Robertson: "You talking about what?"
Jordan: "F------ you."

Robertson has now hired attorney Mark Grafenreed and filed this lawsuit against Lavern Jordan and Parkway Christian School.

"It was reprehensible, heinous and it smacks of hypocrisy," Grafenreed said.

The lawsuit alleges the school engaged in negligent hiring, supervision and retention saying:

"Defendants directly breached said duty owed to Plaintiffs by negligently hiring, supervising, and retaining Mr. Jordan."

It also alleges violations of the deceptive trade practices act claiming:

"Defendants engaged in certain false, misleading and deceptive acts under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices."

"Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that her efforts would have resulted in solicitation for sex for her daughter's education and neither Ms. Robinson, her body nor her daughter's education is for sale," said Grafenreed.

13 Undercover caught up with the founder shortly after the mother made the allegations.

Dolcefino: "Have you ever solicited sex in exchange for waiving fees to your school?"
Jordan: "Absolutely not."

Mr. Jordan was home but didn't answer when we rang the doorbell. While the school says Mr. Jordan is no longer with them, Tamiku Robertson is hopeful her proposition was the last.

"She's doing it not only for herself but for potentially others who might have been subject of this behavior," said Grafenreed.

We also left messages for school leaders regarding the lawsuit. A recording at the school says during the summer administrators are there only one day a week.

Robertson's attorney is not yet putting a price tag on the lawsuit.

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