Young girl lost at truck stop

ROSENBERG, TX The kindergartener was dropped off at the wrong location, got picked up by a stranger and ended up a truck stop. Casandra Frias' mother says her daughter is scared to get on her school bus.

"She gets up in the morning and she doesn't want to go to school," she told us.

Lamar Consolidated ISD says on June 18th, Casandra was riding the bus home from a summer school kindergarten class at Meyer Elementary School in Richmond. She was supposed to get dropped off at Bowie Elementary school in Rosenberg where her mom usually picks her up.

But the district says that day, Casandra's mother was not at the stop and her daughter did not get off the bus. She eventually got off the bus at the wrong stop outside Beasley Elementary in the town of Beasley, eight miles away from her correct stop.

"I thought somebody had taken her," her mother said.

Marcelas Frias told us she was running late that day and became frantic when she could not find her daughter. She tried the school but no one there could find her daughter.

A person driving by spotted Casandra wandering around and took her to a nearby truck stop. A truck stop employee called Fort Bend County Sheriff's deputies who reunited Casandra with her mother.

"I hugged her and I kissed her and I thanked God for it," Frias said.

Casandra was safe but she is still scared to she will get left at the wrong spot.

"The following day when she wanted her to get on the bus she said no because they might leave her over there again," Frias said.

The district told us the summer school drop off schedule is not as organized as the normal school year but the bus driver should have made sure the student was picked up by a parent.

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