Body found in charred vehicle

HOUSTON Family members had just spoken to the victim shortly before his death. And now, the family wants to know how the father of three ended up dead just feet from his front door.

Juan Carlos Padilla's body was found Saturday afternoon off Rio Bonito near Highway 6. The Padilla family is reeling because they don't know what happened to him.

They say it all began Friday night when Padilla, who is a painter by trade, went out for the evening. He never returned as expected until a neighbor called the family and told them the car he was driving was burning.

The victim's family members say he was found inside that burned vehicle. Sheriff investigators were called out to the scene, but right now, they don't know if this was an accident or something more sinister. All the family members know is that a beloved family member is dead.

"A neighbor came and said that the truck was on fire and that is when she came out, but nobody suspected that he was in there," said the victim's wife, Elizabeth Padilla, through a translator.

The family is waiting for autopsy reports to determine the cause of his death.

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