Time is right for great deals

HOUSTON From the lawn to the patio to the den and the laundry room, if you need just about anything, this may be the best time to go get it. If it's your yard that needs work, you are in luck. One lawn and garden store is cutting prices by fifty percent. It means Joe Toups can save big on a really big item.

"It's a Cypress tree and we are saving 200 bucks," said Toups. "We lost a big tree to boars and it had to be taken out and this is the replacement."

At home improvement stores, everything from bug repellent to flags to lawn furniture is on sale this weekend. But it was the deal on gas grills that brought Augustin Ogbanna out.

"I was expecting there to be some kind of sale, so that way I am saving $50," he said.

The reason for the discount? Summer stocks have to go. At one store we went to, the outdoor furnishings are already marked off by 30 percent. The new line of washers coming soon to appliance stores is also forcing discounts.

A washer and dryer set we found is now $500 off. You can also get an extra savings because they are out of the box.

Greg Rundell with Best Buy tell us, "We are in a transition because we are transitioning from several departments where things are going clearance, so you can get good deals on clearance items."

Electronics stores are in the same in situation. Televisions that were the top of the line a few months ago need to make room for the next wave of products. That means you can save hundreds of dollars on some items.

"The retail price on this TV was originally $3,000," said Ryan Phillips, who sells electronics. "It's gone on clearance for $2,400 and I am doing an additional $250 on top of that so you can walk out of here with a 52-inch 1080 LCD for $2,150 plus tax."

If it's a computer you are after, the shelves are full of models that need to go now, and David McKeithan is getting one.

"It's just good timing on my part," he said. "No, I had not planned on coming."

And don't forget the grocery store. Plenty of things are on sale this weekend, especially when it comes to store brand products. So you may be able to stock up and save some money there, too.

Will the deals go away after the weekend? Experts believe rebates and discounts should be seen all through the summer and even into the fall.

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