Wedding proposal on freeway billboard

HOUSTON It reads "Joy, will you marry me? I love you, Matt." We're getting a look behind this unique proposal seen by countless Houstonians.

Matt Popp is in love with Joy Shafer and instead of screaming it out from a hill top he thought it was best to put in writing 14 feet tall and 48 feet wide.

The beautiful engagement ring in the right corner of the sign is the actual one.

"Never would have expected a giant sign in the middle of town," Joy said.

The sign went up late Friday morning and Matt took her to an early dinner that night.

When they arrived at the perfect spot, Matt made Joy close her eyes and get out of his truck. Once she opened her eyes, Joy was so stunned by the sign she actually forgot to answer the big question!

Suddenly a flood of answers about why everyone around her acted so strangely hit her.

"Well that's why my mom was acting funny all week and that explains my boss laughing at me every time I walked by and everything finally started to fall into place," she told us. "Finally he had to nudge me on the arm and say, 'Well you do want to marry me don't you?' It's like yes, yes of course."

Matt is now back at work on an oil platform. Despite all of his classified planning he was a little flustered as well.

"I wanted to get down on one knee and give her the ring, but just seeing the expression on her face just made me freeze and lock up," he said. "I had a hard enough time just opening up the ring box just to give it to her."

But at least for that night the ring took a back to seat to the proposal on a sign.

"So then we hopped on the freeway and drove around many times because I couldn't get enough of it," the beaming bride to be told us.

Matt says they actually get to keep the vinyl poster on the sign and hope to hang it up again at their wedding which is scheduled for this October.

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