Judge taken in custody for evading arrest

HOUSTON She's accused of felony evading arrest in a motor vehicle, stemming from a situation involving her children.

According to her attorney, the judge had apparently gone to a scene where her teenage son was arrested last night. Although deputies told her not to leave, she did to go back home to check on her other children. She was followed by law enforcement and arrested in her driveway.

"We do know some of the deputies were out, high-fiving. They knew they'd gotten 'the judge.' That meaning the one that had a month ago filed the retaliation claims to the sheriff's department," said Walker's attorney, Lloyd Kelley. "So we believe this is part of the continuation of that harassment."

The attorney is referring to a lawsuit we first told you about back in May when Walker had joined a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Harris County Sheriff's Office after her arrest on New Year's Eve for allegedly impersonating a public official. It's a charge that was later dropped.

We did try to contact the sheriff's public information office overnight for comment, and have not heard back yet.

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