Technology helps musician make music again

HOUSTON Through his own will and ingenuity, though he has created a new way to make music and found new life. Just a few years ago -- Freddie Everett was a musician doing the best work of his life.

"All the sudden, it's like your magic carpet is taken out from under you," said Freddie's wife Annette Everett.

He and his wife Annette, were not ready for what was about to happen.

"I said you gotta get back in the studio, and he kept saying my hands aren't working right," she said.

Freddie's music faded, giving way to ALS -- also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

"A train wreck, everything that you've worked for is gone, but you have to stay strong, because they need you," said Annette.

The victims of ALS lose everything.

"The use of their arms and legs, typically it affects swallowing, and speech and breathing," said President, Director Linda Richardson with the ALS Association.

"Where Freddie is now - with one exception -- the music is making a comeback.

Thanks to Erica and the eye-gaze response interface computer aid.

"It was like being in love for the first time, it was like a whole new world, a whole new beginning, god told me that I wasn't through," said Freddie.

Here's how 'Erica' works, a patient's eyes are calibrated to the computer screen, the patient looks at the screen to give the computer directions -- allowing communication with the world. 'Erica' is not new technology but it's never been used like this.

"I have plans to use this Erica system to continue composing, recording with other artists, and share my music with all," said Freddie.

"He can literally compose, record, he can mix those things and re-arrange them - it's an entire studio," said friend Matt Daniels.

Surrounded by family and supporters, Freddie shared with us his newest creation -- it's called "The Fire of Faith".

"I know inside Freddie's head he has years of music, trapped up in there, because I've seen him go onstage and create a song in two or three minutes," said Annette.

It takes longer now but that's okay. He just wants his fans to know, he's not finished.

"I have lots more to give because ya'll have given me so much, I miss being out on stage," said Freddie.

For more information on Freddie Everett -- Click Here.

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