Wife of Horn victim talks

HOUSTON She says she doesn't hate Horn, but she also thinks her husband didn't deserve to die for his crime. One thing many people forget in cases like this is that there are real people affected forever by what happened out here.

We talked exclusively to Diamond Morgan. She says she was the common law wife of Diego Ortiz, one of the men Joe Horn shot and killed. She says she doesn't condone what her husband did, but she insists that killing him was not the answer either. Morgan is angry at the grand jury and angrier at Joe Horn. Though she says she doesn't hate him.

Morgan's son Diego Jr. is now about 15 months old. He was only seven months when his father was killed. Morgan says he shouldn't have to grow up without a father. Morgan says she's not looking for pity she's again, not condoning the crime her husband was committing she just wishes horn would have stayed in his home and never confronted the two suspected burglars.

Morgan says she hasn't decided yet if she wants to try and sue Joe Horn. She says his punishment will come when he's judged by a higher authority than the court system.

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