TEA has message for concerned parents

HOUSTON Parents took notes as TEA representative Ron Rowell explained the district's plan for the next school year. He urged parents to improve their children's attendance and get dropouts back in school. He said poor attendance is costing the district state funding.

Most parents were pleased with what they heard.

"They're going to make sure that we have access to the information that was given to us today, all the statistics from the district, all the happenings, the financial part of it, the educational part of it," said Rowell.

North Forest was put on probation this month for years of poor academic performance and financial mismanagement.

13 Undercover has been keeping an eye on the North Forest school district, especially when it comes to special needs students. You'll remember we found that former head Ruth Watson sent money to her family members and friends rather than to the students.

The board was supposed to talk about it today during their meeting, but didn't. We'll keep you posted.

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