Sheriff's department email statement

HOUSTON Prior to January of 2008, so far we've found 2 incidents where employees were suspended strictly for e-mail violations, one suspension was 1 day and the other was 5 days. We've also found three other suspensions for violations of electronic media technology policy, although they may not be strictly related to email. I know there have also been a number of employees who were cautioned that they were in violation of our policies although the administrative action taken would not have been considered "disciplinary" since it did not involve suspension, termination, or demotion in rank.

I'm not sure it would be accurate to say there is an "investigation." We have already identified some employees who have sent inappropriate emails, viz., the emails that have already been released to you, and we're in the process of determining appropriate sanctions based upon the content of the emails. This should in no way be construed as an assertion that we have identified ALL incidents in which employees have sent inappropriate emails, nor is it reasonable to expect that ALL such incidents can or will be identified given the scope of our network and the volume of our email traffic

- John Martin
Harris County Sheriff's Department spokesperson

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