New details in newborn's bathroom death

BAYTOWN, TX The teen wiped away tears as her mother testified Friday. Her mother shed tears, too.

The teen was arrested as her grandmother was driving her to summer school. They were pulled over and the 14-year-old was taken into custody.

The family had hoped that she would be released today. But that won't happen, the judge said, because of the seriousness of the charges.

We heard new details in court today about the prosecution's case. The day the 14-year-old gave birth in a bathroom at Cedar Bayou Junior School in Baytown, prosecutors say she told one investigator she didn't know she was pregnant, but later told another she did know and told that detective she saw the baby's face and eyes, even telling an EMS worker she tried to pick the baby up, but it was too slimy.

Prosecutors argued that even though the defense has wanted her to go home because her parents and grandparents could watcher her there, that she should stay in custody.

"The reasoning is the seriousness of the offense," said Assistant DA Bill Hawkins. "Anyone capable of taking a child's life of that age under those circumstances causes us concern for both that individual as well as the public."

Prosecutors say the medical examiner had discovered paper in the baby's throat, which we knew yesterday. But we learned Friday, there was bruising evidence on the baby's tongue and throat, showing that someone would have had to have used intentional force to put that paper there.

The girl will have to stay in detention for another 10 days, at which point she'll have a hearing. Prosecutors have not yet decided whether or not to have her certified as an adult.

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