Children injured in overnight shooting

HOUSTON It happened at the Silver Creek Apartments on Magnum at 34th. The security guard and a man got into an argument. The man was driving off when the security guard, along with his partner, tried to stop him.

One of the guards opened fire, breaking glass in the driver's back seat window. The glass hit three small children who were in the vehicle.

Police told us how the fight started.

"The individuals who were involved were drinking on the property," said Officer Brian Evans with the Houston Police Department. "They were advised to discontinue drinking and to leave the property."

It's unclear whether or not the security guard fired on purpose or if the weapon discharged accidentally. Also, there was dark tinting on the window and the security guard may not have known there were children inside.

The children weren't seriously hurt, only suffering minor injuries. Right now, there's no one in custody.

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