Group gathers to protest immigration raid

HOUSTON The main complaint from protestors is the raid in northeast Houston yesterday broke apart hard-working families.

Many protestors were carrying signs and chanting around the Mickey Leeland Federal Building. They called for a change in the Bush administration policies that target undocumented immigrants.

At least 166 people were arrested during the raid Wednesday morning. Immigration officials are now holding 93 of those people at a local detention facility. At least 73 of those arrested were released for humanitarian reasons. They were ordered to appear in an immigration court at a later date.

Most of the people arrested at the Used Clothing Company were women.

"Our question to the federal government is very simple. How does putting a working woman in jail keep this country safer? That is our question and that is why we are gathered here," said Mike Espinosa with SEIU.

Eyewitness News spoke with immigration officials and they say they are not targeting anyone by gender or by county. Officials said that folks who are in the country without documentation can expect to have an encounter with someone from Immigration and Customs Enforcement at some point.

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