Kid Rock jokingly urges fans to steal

DETROIT, MI And while they're at it, they should steal cars, designer clothes and iPods, too.

Well, maybe not.

The 37-year-old Detroit musician posted a "special announcement" on YouTube last week urging fans to "steal everything."

Kid Rock says in the video that he's so rich, he can't complain if fans steal a song or two off the Internet without paying him.

In fact, he says, people should "level the playing field" by stealing anything they need from wealthy corporations.

He mentions laptops, iPods, Toyota vehicles ("It's a foreign car company, so who cares?"), gasoline and Tommy Hilfiger clothing as potential targets for the five-finger discount.

But the rap-rocker, who has resisted selling his music on iTunes and other online stores, tells The Associated Press he was just kidding.

"I was just trying to have some fun with it," Kid Rock said before playing in Wednesday's Buick Open Pro-Am, with friend and pro golfer John Daly, at Warwick Hills near Flint.

The video had more than 100,000 views as of Wednesday afternoon.

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