Rosenberg police make drug bust

ROSENBERG, TX Police went to the apartment in the 2200 block of Avenue G to check out an anonymous tip. They noticed several plants growing in pots near the rear apartment, as suggested by the tip caller. The plants were only accessible by someone going to the rear apartment.

Police say Christopher Munoz, 25, told officers that the home is his residence and the marijuana plants belonged to him. He reportedly grows the plants for his grandmother to use when she makes alcoholic beverages.

Once inside of the home, the officers detected the odor of marijuana and observed other marijuana plants growing in the kitchen. The officers also observed plastic baggies with a green leafy substance inside. Next to the baggies was a cell phone and what appeared to be marijuana. The officers also noticed a glass pipe -- the type used to smoke marijuana.

The officers got permission from Munoz to search the rest of the apartment after observing the other drug related items. In a partially open wooden container, the officers observed several $100 bills. Munoz stated that the money belonged to him and he acquired it from working but is currently unemployed and had no documentation from a previous employer.

Also in the bedroom, the officers located several more clear plastic baggiesm an electronic scale and more of the green leafy substance that appeared to be marijuana. The officers located a notebook that contained writing noting "owed" along with numbers and amounts. The notebook is believed to be a ledger used to track drug sales.

Munoz was arrested for possession of marijuana, less than two ounces. He was booked at the Rosenberg jail and later transferred to the Fort Bend County Jail.

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