Two dead after home invasion

PASADENA Their son was also shot and wounded. Investigators are talking to a witness who may have seen the killer. They say this may have not been a random crime.

It happened in a home in the 2600 block of Burke.

It was just before 7pm Tuesday when the bodies of Leo Gomez and his wife Milagro were discovered in their Pasadena home. Police say the couple were the victims of a home invasion. The couple's teenage son, Leo Gomez Jr. is believed to have walked in on the crime in progress. He was shot numerous times while his two friends waited outside.

"The suspect suddenly opened the closed garage door and ordered the two boys to move the truck because they were blocking the driveway," said Captain Bud Corbett with the Pasadena Police Department.

The suspect managed to get away with a sack full of guns from the home and possible other property. However, police don't believe the crime was random. The house showed no signs of forced entry.

"I don't think they just chose this residence because it was convenient," Captain Corbett said.

Police also suspect more than one person was involved. Initially, the couple's Ford pickup was stolen, but was later found. A witness claims the suspect got into yet another green pickup truck possibly driven by a second suspect.

Police began questioning employees at the couple's demolition business about prior employees. A process we are told is standard in murder investigations.

"He would do anything for Leo, he would do anything for his grandkids too," said Mary Wagner who worked for the victims. "They just thought the world of him. He was really a great person."

We put our exclusive Crime Tracker to work in that Pasadena neighborhood. From January of 2007 to May of 2008, we found 32 crime reports, including one kidnapping, one burglary, three auto thefts and five reports of criminal mischief.

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