Wild chase ends in crash in SW Houston

HOUSTON [See photos from chase]

The chase started at Fairbanks and Highway 90. It ended on the Southwest Freeway at Bellaire.

A battered and bloodied Thomas Scott sat roadside, after leading police on a 40 minute chase that wound its way from northwest to southwest Houston, and a lot of space in between.

"Initially the vehicle was being stopped for a seatbelt. He refused to stop and decided to run from us," said Officer Walter Parker with the Houston Police Department.

The ensuing chase ran along I-10 to the Pierce elevated, then headed south to the 59, 288 split -- from Highway 288, police say the suspect ran westbound along the South Loop, turning north on Highway 59, through the downtown Spur, and then heading back south on Highway 59.

The driver was seen weaving in and out of traffic. The driver may have struck a couple of vehicles during the chase.

More than a half a dozen police units gave chase, until the suspect's car spun out and hit the concrete barrier just before Beechnut.

Scott was wanted on a felony warrant, and his driver's license placed him from Pennsylvania. He now faces evading charges.

One witness told Eyewitness News that the suspect appeared to have a blank stare while he was driving like a man possessed.

There is no word of any other injuries.

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