Vigil held for Pasadena kids

HOUSTON An emotionally charged vigil was held Sunday, with the children's mother collapsing. It's been a tough week for that mother and those who searched almost non-stop for the missing kids.

Randy Sylvester, Jr., and Denim Sylvester, disappeared exactly a week ago today. Police say their father, Randy Sylvester, Sr., led them to the children's remains off Highway 3 on the southeast side.

Just yards from the spots the remains of the children were found, a vigil was a testament to the lives Randy, Jr., and Denim touched in their short time on earth

"He smiled, it would just melt your heart," said Judy Rice, Randy, Jr.'s first grade teacher.

Rice says that dozens of hearts now can only be described as broken.

"It's sickening," she said.

The two kids went missing a week ago. Their charred remains were found Saturday morning, dumped in a wooded area beside a railroad trestle in southeast Houston.

For the first time since that discovery, their mother spoke publicly.

"There's not enough thank yous in the world I can use to say thank you for looking for my children. My heart is heavy right now," said Jerilyn St. Cyr, before collapsing from apparent grief.

EMS crews took St. Cyr ot the hospital for evaluation.

"Quanell was the one who made this happen," said Tim Miller with Equusearch.

Authorities say they might not have found the children without the help of Quanell X. He convinced Randy Sylvester, Sr., to tell him what happened to them, to divulge where the children were dumped.

Looking at the vast memorial and the sorrow at the vigil in nearly every face, the activist said something no one could argue with.

"I just believe with all my heart, this did not have to be," he said.

Sylvester, Sr., remains in custody on an unrelated assault. An autopsy is scheduled on the two children's remains this week. Once authorities have a cause of death, they intend to file capital murder charges.

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