Rat and roach report

HOUSTON The first stop for Inspector Gary Lee is the HESS Banquet hall at 5430 Westheimer. Inside the inspector found some food off temperature.

"They had some temperatures that were not proper, 45, 46 not off by much, but we do require 41 degrees or less," he told us outside.

When food is stored above 41 degrees, bacteria can grow. At HESS, managers put the food in a cooler and that corrected the problem. The inspector also found a problem in the ice machine.

"They had clear, tan and black slime in the ice machine and they are very diligent to get trying to get it clean," Lee said. "Someone actually crawled into the machine."

With the ice machine cleaned, HESS passes inspection. Up next the Ci Ci's Pizza at 5901 Bellaire, the restaurant only had minor violations.

"They need to store their wiping cloths in sanitizing solutions, they are just leaving them on counter tops," Lee said. "The hand washing sink, the drain line was dripping into the catch basin."

The restaurant fixed the problems and passes inspection. Up next, the Jack in the Box at 5550 Gulfton. The inspector found only minor problems here as well.

"They have to clean food debris from under the shelf, under the grill and there were some spills in the cooler," Lee said.

The restaurant employees cleaned up the problems areas and Jack in the Box passes inspection.

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