Mystery deepens in missing kids case

PASADENA, TX Police said they searched for the children all night to no avail. Randy Sylvester, 7, and his sister, Denim, 3, were last seen Sunday afternoon. The children, according to their mother, were playing in the tennis court at an apartment complex on Burke Road and Fairmont Parkway when they disappeared.

The mother of the children left the apartment complex today around 10am. That's around the same time detectives at the apartment complex were there, but left very quickly after Eyewitness News caught video of a mysterious woman leaving the father's apartment. The unidentified woman didn't want to speak to Eyewitness News. Our cameraman told detectives which direction the mysterious woman headed and they quickly took off.

The Pasadena Police Department isn't saying much about this case, only that it's ongoing. The mother of the children also declined to speak today.

The father of the kids actually ran from our cameras and at one point, he yelled something to the nature of they're OK, but we aren't exactly sure that is what he said.

Neighbors are hoping that the kids are OK.

"It's just sad that they are so little. Kids like that don't just walk away, that tiny, they don't walk away," said neighbor Dixie Gonzalez. "I pray that we find them because it breaks my heart."

Residents have been stopping by and leaving well wishes at the steps of the mother's apartment in hopes of a safe return.

The FBI says they are in involved in this case, but they can't really comment on any details.

Denim is approximately 2'5" and was last seen wearing a pink, V-neck T-shirt with brown trim, pink shorts, pink flip-flops and braided hair with pink pony tail holder.

Randy is 4'1" and was last seen wearing a blue and orange Florida Gators shirt, blue denim shorts, and blue and white tennis shoes.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of these two children, you're asked to call the Pasadena Police Department.

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