Camp of Champs produces leaders

HOUSTON One camp in Huntsville is turning some kids into champs.

At first glance, Camp of Champs may look like your typical summer camp, but for some kids, it's more than just a camp.

Camp of Champs is for kids who are looking to break out of their shell and become leaders.

"We build confidence in students," Generation Y expert Aric Bostick said. "We build them up from the inside out."

Bostick is the brains behind the camp which has helped over 1600 kids over the past seven years.

"I get where they are coming from just because my teen years were so rocky," he said.

And while the teens participate in many of the same activities as a typical summer camp, most of the activities are geared to help teens learn about themselves as well as work with others.

"We create a dream collage where we set our goals and write our action plans down," Bostick said.

One mother said it was like looking into the eyes of a different child when her son returned from Camp of Champs.

"He had a bit of shyness about his size and his weight and that fear was gone," Monalisa Kaupolati said. "It was no longer there."

Bostick says the camp will only get bigger and continue to help more kids become the leaders of tomorrow.

"They're going to learn these tools and they are going to leave so charged up," Bostick said. "Like a rubber band, we're going to stretch them so far that they can't help but to continue to extend that when they get back home."

The camp is headquartered at Sam Houston State University.

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