METRO adds more park and ride service

June 16, 2008 8:30:17 AM PDT
With $4 a gallon gas prices, more and more Houstonians are opting to go METRO when it comes to the work commute. So starting today, METRO is increasing the number of bus trips it makes to its busiest park and rides.A lot of people who may have never really considered riding METRO to work or around town to run errands are now filling up buses across the county.

Because of the demand, METRO is adding more than a dozen additional trips. Those trips will be made from the park and ride lot in Spring and Cypress to stops as far south as Bay Area Boulevard and as far west as the Katy area.

Some park and ride lots are getting two extra bus trips each day. METRO is running bus schedules a little early to fit in the 14 additional weekday trips and later this year, 52 hybrid buses will be added to the METRO fleet.

For a complete list of the routes and times, click here.

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