Coast Guard rescues family in Gulf

GALVESTON, TX Their fishing trip became dangerous, but the Coast Guard stepped in after the five adults and two children became stuck far from shore. They had left Galveston Sunday morning and were found about 25 miles off the coast when they needed help.

The good news is that all seven on board, including 2 kids, are OK.

The distress call came in around 8am. The family was on a 20-foot boat, attempting to fish when the boat began taking on water. At that point, the Coast Guard launched a boat and a helicopter.

Fortunately, there was a rig nearby and family members were able to tie the boat to the rig and get onto the rig themselves. According to the Coast Guard, no one in the boat ever had to be in the water. They were on the rig when Coast Guard members reached them. The family members and their boat were saved.

"The only problem they had was there was a little bit of swell out there today. They caught a wave over the back of the boat," said Petty Officer Jeffery Turverey with the U.S. Coast Guard.

Family members are OK, but they didn't want to talk on camera. The Coast Guard says this should serve as a reminder to wear life vests, carry cell phones and don't go further out than you're equipped to.

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