Woman alive after attack and assault

HOUSTON As you can imagine, she is understandably terrified.

The young woman was walking home in the middle of the afternoon Wednesday when she says she was attacked. You or I may scream for help, but she physically can't. Now the 21-year-old woman is just grateful to be alive.

Many victims of sexual assault don't live to tell about it.

We are not identifying her because she told police she is a rape victim. As she was walking home from her friend's house in this remote block of Wilmington, she says a man grabbed her from behind, put a knife to her throat and dragged her into the woods before sexually assaulting her.

A tracheotomy as a baby took away her only defense.

"I can't scream, can't nobody hear me," she explained.

She was left to pray and plead with her attacker to let her live.

Houston police are investigating. They believe this was a crime of opportunity. She was alone and in a deserted area.

"He needs to be caught, he needs to be put in jail," she told us.

Her mother calls her brave to speak up, she says she had to.

"So I can let people know there is a rapist over there they need to watch out," she told us.

The victim didn't get a good look at her attacker's face but she says he was a black man who was wearing a brown shirt, blue jeans, dark sunglasses and a blue baseball cap.

Call police if you have any information. The victim is terrified, but just glad she was able to go home to her two year old girl.

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