Man accused of bizarre attack on co-worker

June 12, 2008 4:29:02 AM PDT
A 27-year-old man is accused of spraying a co-worker at a home improvement store with flammable lacquer thinner, throwing a garbage can at him and shooting him up to 20 times with a nail gun, authorities said. Jacob Bertrand was arrested Tuesday on charges of menacing, reckless endangerment and second-degree assault in the June 4 attack, Grand Junction police said in a news release.

Bertrand shot his male co-worker several times in the chest and at least once in the nose, police said. The victim's injuries were not life-threatening, police said.

Most of the attack was captured on surveillance video at the store where the two worked, police said.

Bertrand was being held at the Mesa County jail on $25,000 bond.

There was no home phone number under Bertrand's name. An official at the jail said he couldn't say whether Bertrand had an attorney.

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