Bullfighting back in Houston area

FT. BEND COUNTY, TX It's an intricate dance between matador and bull, an ancient art, and it's coming soon to the Ft. Bend County Fairgrounds in just a few weeks.

"We've got four bulls and two matadors," said organizer Don Dulin.

Organizers Don Dulin and William Carter expect their event will have thrills and danger of traditional bullfights without cruelty. They will be bloodless. The bulls are not killed or even hurt.

"The difference is going to be he will have to pluck a rose from between the shoulder blades, over the head and through the horns, and pluck the rose in order to score a win," said Dulin.

"Since we really started seeing it come together, my dreams have been, we're just overwhelmed with people," said Carter.

And that dream might not be so farfetched. The last time a bullfight came to the Houston area, it was more than 20 years ago. Forty-seven thousand people packed the Astrodome just to see it.

As word about the event spreads across the area, excitement is growing, particularly among Hispanics in Ft. Bend County.

"They're just excited about that," said restaurant owner Bob Alaniz.

As soon as posters went up at Bob's Tacos, customers wanted tickets.

"Asking me detailed information, when and what time," said Alaniz.

"To reach that far back into the tradition with the Hispanics, to bring it into the United States, I think it's an opportunity that can help everybody," said Mike Magana, who supports bullfighting in Ft. Bend County.

Help is just what some of the proceeds from the bullfight will do. It will fund scholarships for students who might normally not be eligible.

"We want to take it maybe more than one step further and be able to open it up to kids who want to go to TSTC, trade school, junior college," said Dulin.

"Some of the kids who've come through juvenile probation just need that extra little boost to make it in life and we hope that this event's gonna provide that boost," said Carter.

Tickets are on sale now for the July 5 bullfight at the Ft. Bend County fairgrounds. If you're interested in attending, you'll want to click here.

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