Educator tells his side of the story

HOUSTON Andre Credit was arrested earlier this week. A student claims Credit choked him and body slammed him, but the 9-year educator paints a very different picture.

"I was shocked," said Credit, while speaking to the media Friday.

Credit faces a charge of aggravated assault against the student.

"I used the force necessary to detail a student," he said.

Two days after the student told Eyewitness News that the associate producer from George Bush High School threw him to the ground and choked him after a food fight, the accused educator defended himself.

"There are always three sides to a story -- his side, my side and the truth -- and the truth will prevail," said Credit.

Surrounded by his wife, infant son and slew of professional colleagues, some of whom are principals at area high schools, Credit explained to some degree why he restrained Edgar Arellano.

"Who actually threw a PowerAde bottle that struck another student in the back and took off running," said Credit.

A student snapped a photo of Credit on top of the 18-year-old during the incident. Arellano claims Credit held him so tightly that he couldn't breathe and even taunted him while they were on the ground.

The school administrator wouldn't discuss the details of that allegation.

"That, I will leave to the facts and my attorney," said Credit.

"It was just chaos, French fries, cupcakes, water bottles," said student Perla Aparicio.

Perla got caught in the crossfire of the food fight Tuesday.

"Stuff was just getting thrown everywhere," she said. "I was just really angry. I got cupcake on me."

She believes Credit did what was needed to protect students and stop the fight.

"He was just doing his job. I don't know why people are making such a big deal that he trampled him and all this other stuff is going around. It's just ridiculous. It hurts me to know this man has to go through all this stuff," said Perla.

As the investigation continues, Credit is on administrative duty. Several local educators have spoken in support of Credit, describing him as a dedicated educator.

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