Mt. Carmel to become HISD charter school

HOUSTON Mt. Carmel will remain open, not as a parochial school, but a charter school. The HISD board voted unanimously this morning to make Mt. Carmel a charter school for the district.

Mt. Carmel closed its doors this year after the Archdiocese said it simply became too expensive to keep open. The campus will have a new location not far from the old school.

Even teenagers from the old Mt. Carmel will have to go through an application process, but the idea is to keep the students together at a school with an already strong reputation.

"They wanted to keep the students together because a lot of the students have been together since elementary school," said Deborah Singleton, HISD's manager for alternative and charter schools. "And when you've been together that long and all of the sudden you tell them they have to go somewhere else, that becomes a shock, especially high school."

"You can make your decision. The charter is definitely going, so if you were wavering which way to go, the decision is out there," said Dr. Teresa White with Mt. Carmel. "HISD has approved us. We're full steam ahead and we look forward to seeing you in August."

HISD says it will begin work immediately on the application process and will canvas communities with flyers to let families know about the charter. Of course, the school loses its religious affiliation and becomes just like any other public school.

The school board approved the plan 8-0.

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