Juniors headed to Bluebonnet Girls State

HOUSTON For a week they will organize their own city, county and state governments. They will elect their own leaders. They will learn the duties of the various city, county and state offices. They will introduce and debate their own bills in a mock legislature.

Tara Mahoney and Brittny Johnson, both 11th graders, will attend this years Girls State session at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas from Tuesday, June 17 to Tuesday June 24, 2008. The purpose of the week long program is to educate young women in the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship.

The program concludes with a visit to the State Capitol building in Austin where these Clear Brook High School students and other participants are given an opportunity to meet "real" state officials. The Girls State program is sponsored as a public service to the community, state and nation by the more than twenty thousand members of the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Texas.

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